Saturday, August 13, 2011

{AUGUST is photographer appreciation month}

Vacation and street fair time is over - time to focus on August - Photographer Appreciation Month.

This year has flown by - 8 months ago I had no idea where I would be with my little business - I had no idea the direction I would be going or all of the fun this roller coaster ride would be. 

In March, when I was just about 9 months pregnant I was on Facebook one night, when a very well known photographer had posted about looking for some unique boys items - something other than what everyone else already had.  After this one night, life for me has changed dramatically - this little business has become much more than the hobby that it once was.  I'm excited to tell that story to you soon - I have a couple photographer spotlights coming up in the next few weeks, and I'm looking forward to them!

This month, I have a couple fun things planned for the very special photographers in my life - I truly appreciate everything they have done for me, and all of the love they have shown!

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