Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Farewell, Old Friend

You see this bottle, innocently sitting on the top shelf of my fridge.  This is my weakness.  My Achilles heal, if you will.  There are two particular ways that I love to drink Coca Cola.  Preferably, from the fountain.  But it must have the perfect syrup to soda water ratio, or it's no good.  McDonald's and Wendy's typically are a safe bet for a good Coke.  Very rarely can you go to a gas station convenience store and find a good fountain Coke.  The second way I prefer to drink it is from a can, straight out of an ice cold cooler.  Excuse me while I feel a little faint.  Okay, back to you. 

To make a long story short, my love affair with Coke must come to an end.  When you start to consume a minimum of 32 ounces a day, you really have to stop and think about what exactly you are drinking.  I'm sure at some point in the future I will visit my friend, but I cannot continue on the path I have been. 

So, I'm putting this out into the Internet world, so someone besides myself will know about it.  If you see me drinking a Coke, feel free to question me about it, hold me accountable.  Unless you see a slightly crazed look in my eye - if that happens, then BACK OFF!  Really, it's for your own safety. 

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