Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diving in!

Up until this year, I was scared to make clothing...last year, I sort of dipped my toes in the water with the bloomers, but I didn't go fully in until I made my daughter and niece's Halloween costumes.  They were butterfly fairies, inspired by Tinkerbell.  Here's their costumes:   

For my niece Abby's first birthday, I wanted to make her a lady bug dress, to go along with her Lady Bug themed birthday party.  I searched everywhere for Red fabric with black polka dots, and I couldn't find any that reminded me of a lady bug, so I decided to applique black polka dots on to red fabric.  Turned out much better than I could have imagined!  Here's a picture of her wearing it:  (photograph provided by Terri Beloit Photography)

Well, I'm diving head in - I'm listing dresses on the Etsy shop!

There are other new items available also!  Check out the new bloomers and pink & brown polka dot dress.


  1. Love the dresses!!!! you did a great job!!!