Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Boom Boom Room - Pre Oscars Celebrity Gifting Suite

On January 22nd, we received an email that set in motion one of the craziest month of my life...Jayneoni Moore (celebrity style expert and event planning extraordinaire!) emailed us inviting us to participate in this annual event.  After a lot of thought and consideration, we came to the conclusion that we absolutely MUST try it, I mean - how could we say no?!  So we started our adventure...planning out our swag bags, the display, our media/press packets, and every other detail we could think of.

We started our road trip to Los Angeles a couple days before the event, and after 18 hours on the road, we made it to our destination - the W - Westwood hotel.  We stayed up late the night before, finishing the final touches on our display, getting our bags ready, and dealing with the butterflies fluttering in our stomachs. 

On Friday, February 24th, the day was finally here!  We had to change our set up a few times to make room for other vendors, but here's a few photos of our set up:

Those gorgeous Frames were provided by Shaped Expressions - we got the Unfinished ones so that we could paint them to match our display - I LOVE that you can buy them unfinished!  Everyone raved about the frames - the photos truly do not do them justice.

These beautiful (and delicious!) cookies were provided by The Cookie Jar for each of our celebrity swag bags - each of the celebs that visited us got a neck tie/bow tie cookie for themselves!  While we were setting one, one of them fell and broke, so we had to test it ourselves (darn!) and they were just as tasty as they look - even more so, if that's possible!  Lisa and Ira were great to work with - we are so thankful that they were as excited as we were to participate!  If you ever need to order special/custom cookies for your event, go there first!

Now, on to some of the celebrities that visited us at the event!  We were visited by celebrities with kids, babies on the way, and some hoping to have babies soon!  We were also very excited to meet some celebrity stylists and correspondents from the media.  Here's some photos we are able to share with you:

Kaycee Stroh

Kimberly Williams

Member of Mary Mary singing group

Michael Adam Hamilton and his wife

Reagan Gomez and her adorable son (he loved our little Moose!)

Shayne Lamas Richie

Adrianne Zucker (sorry for the awful flash on this and the next photo!)

Christine Lucas

Constance Marie

Constance Zimmer and her daughter

Kevin Frazier

Lucy Wolvert and Beau Knapp

Mari Marrow

Samantha Harris

Sean Patrick Thomas and Family

 When all was said and done, the boxes packed up and we were back in our hotel room, we breathed a sign of relief, and started planning our next adventure!  We plan to return for the Pre-Golden Globes Boom Boom Room, in 2013!  Call us crazy, but we're looking forward to having more time to plan for this event! 

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in helping this event come together.  The photographers that graciously allowed us to use their photos, the vendors that donated their products, and the company that printed all of our materials for us.  Here's some easy links to visit them -

We had such a fun time - hard to believe it's over!  We are looking forward to this next year and seeing where it takes us.  Thank you to each of you for helping support us and getting us this far!

Lots of love,

Kiwi and Kiki


  1. So awesome! Congrats on this big adventure!!!

  2. That's just amazing!!! What a wonderful experience and I'm sure you had tons of fun!

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  4. Looks like you have hit the big time. Way to go!!