Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone...what a year it was!  A year ago, I was about 5 months pregnant, and getting used to the idea that I was having a baby boy.  While my husband was probably dreaming happy thoughts of having a little fishing buddy, I was looking around my sewing space wondering what I could make for a boy!  I had spent years making things for girls, and my fabric stash definitely hinted at that.

I spent a few months working on a quilt for my daughter Maddy, and a few projects for her baby brother - a Boppy Cover, and a mini quilt for him.  When I had gone searching online for some boy project ideas, it was very clear there wasn't a lot out there.  I also remembered from my experience selling at the farmer's market that Boys items are very popular, because you don't find them very often! 

I started playing around with making Bow Ties and Neck Ties, and then my friend Danyel of Crazy Socks Crochet was having a giveaway, and she needed more boy items.  I offered to giveaway a set of three bow ties, and that was just the push I needed towards this crazy adventure I've been riding on ever since.  I was randomly surfing through Facebook one night, and noticed a post that Keri Meyers had posted, looking for photo props, different from the traditional hats/etc.  I sent her an email, and we chatted a bit about how small of a world it is - we both graduated from high school the same year, and we grew up less than 30 miles from each other.  That night changed my life - if I had not been on Facebook at the right time, life could be very different for me - our Facebook page was sitting around 800 fans, and today we have over 10,000.  Absolutely INSANE. 

This was the very first photo that Keri posted using one of my ties:


I remember the day that photo was posted - I was sitting at my sewing machine working on something, and my phone started blowing up with emails from Etsy.  I had no idea what was going on - I went online and immediately saw this photo, and it dawned on me what had just begun.  If I only knew....

A couple weeks later I was in the hospital having my baby boy.  Luckily I had brought my laptop with me so that I could stay in touch - otherwise I would have gotten so far behind.  I am also very blessed to have a very supportive husband that is a very involved father. 

Here we are about 8 months later and I have exciting plans for this year.  I have reorganized my sewing space, and I took a couple weeks off in December to enjoy my family and the holidays - it was sooo needed.  I actually shut down my online shop - the first time since starting this adventure - so that when I returned, I wouldn't be behind - I would be starting fresh.  What an amazing feeling!

Usually for New Year's I don't make resolutions, I decide on a focus for the new year.  Several times, my focus has been patience.  This year, my focus is balance.  When I worked for Target, a huge "thing" is Work/Life balance - they wanted everyone to have it, stressed it, etc.  Funny thing is, I don't think I knew a single manager that truly had a work/life balance there.  At least not 100% of the time.  Still, it's nice to know it's valued.  Anywho...back to me and this year.  I am focusing on my own Work/Life balance.  This includes not sitting at the sewing machine for 14 hours straight - at least not on a regular basis.  I am hoping if I focus on balance, I will enjoy my work, and enjoy the fruits of my labor - and spend more time with my family. 

I am also hoping to blog a little more.  I'd like this blog to be more than just a place to host giveaways. 

Happy New Years everyone!  I hope this new year is full of fresh starts, happy beginnings and plenty of BALANCE.


  1. I'm so proud of you & how well you've done! You & Kiki make fabulous accessories! Best wishes in 2012!!

  2. Thanks Danyel :) Best wishes for you in 2012, also!