Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday's Photo Session!

This past Saturday, my sister and I hired Terri Beloit to photograph some of the new items we have coming soon to our online shops and Farmer's Markets.  It was an exhausting week, prepping for the show, making sure everything would fit the specifi little models, and worrying about the weather.  When we first scheduled the photo shoot, we were worried it would rain!  This year, the weather has been very strange.  When the week finally came, we were worried it would be too hot!  In the end, it was a beautiful day, and Terri managed to scope out a great place in the grass that had a good amount of afternoon shade. 

Everyone showed up, and we will soon have some great pictures to show off our new items!  We have some new boys items, and new hair accessories...all in all, it was a very fun day!  Here's a couple pictures from the photo shoot.   Please visit Terri's blog to see more of the pictures!

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