Friday, September 4, 2009

Who am I?

Well, I suppose you could ask many people, and they would give you different answers. In short, I am a nearly (gasp!) 30 year old mommy that recently quit her corporate job to stay at home with her beautiful nearly 2 year old daughter. Out of my husband and myself, I am the only one with a college degree, so it does slightly bother me that I am the one staying home, but I am small business owner, so I guess that counts for something.

Why am I blogging? I have always loved writing, and being that I don't get a lot of adult conversation during the day, I needed some kind of creative outlet. I think I am funny, so why not bless the rest of the world with my gift of humor? ha ha.

My house is a home to me, my daughter, my husband (only about 2 days a week, more on that later), our 2 dogs (Ernie & Buddy) and our 4 cats (Fat Head, Smooches, Squirt and Pepper). We also have a grey cat living under our house that runs away when we drive in. Oh, and I think at present we have at least 2 mice living in our stand-alone garage type-shed building. There is a lot of love in this house.

What can you expect from this blog? The down and dirty details of my life as a stay at home mommy, my opinions, and other random ramblings. If you don't like it, you don't have to read. Or better yet, read and leave a comment! My husband can attest that I love to argue.

I'll also shamelessly plug the items I am currently selling, if the mood strikes me. I will also advertise other mommy-made things (or daddy-made, if I find those). I think that with our economy in a state that it is in, if we help each other, we might be able to get to the other side a little bit smoother.

You won't see me blog about politics, unless something really chaps my hide. But that doesn't usually happen. I might put my two cents in about current reality shows, etc.... who knows.

Okay, enough of all of that. I hope you will join me on this journey of expressing myself, my opinions, and general frustrations. Enjoy looking around!


OOPPs...I forgot one of the most important things. Why am I called Kiwi? Well, when my neice Lily was born, we wanted her to call me something cute, rather than just Auntie Kerry. She and I have been very close since she was born, and having a special name was just that important. At first, we wanted my name to be Kiki, but Kiwi was easier to be said when Lily actually started talking, and my sister decided she wanted to be Kiki (her name is Kristin). Yes, my sister is very selfish, so I finally gave in. Ha! Secretly though, I absolutely love it every time I hear Lily call me Kiwi. Now, our business is called Kiwi and Kiki.

Okay, enough of that...for real this time.

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